Sport And Back To School, The Winning Match

Amateurs or multi-awarded champions, confinement has severely tested athletes. How to find the right rhythm to fully understand the start of the school year? Forbes collected the good practices of Grégoire Akcelrod. The former footballer, now retrained in entrepreneurship, puts us in the starting blocks.
How to resume the assiduous practice of his favorite sport at the start of the school year?

Grégoire Akcelrod: In the aftermath of a crisis that has changed our habits, it is important to resume sport gradually because a long period of inactivity is synonymous with muscle loss. A smooth recovery and at its own pace! It will be possible to recover in a maximum of 8 weeks his physical condition before confinement.
To the less athletic among us, how would you get a “taste for sport”?
G.A: Sport provides a feeling of well-being which generates many health benefits and which secretes endorphin, a hormone that gives rise to a feeling of fullness. The practice of sport compensates for our sedentary lifestyle and certain sports such as running are booming: it has nearly 13.5 million followers here. Finally, all you need is a pair of running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt to start a session, whether you are in the city or in the countryside. The saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is a great rule of life!
What should you absolutely avoid in your sports recovery?
G.A: For the competitors, above all, we must not be impatient and seek performance at all costs from the start. After several weeks of stress and inactivity, it is important for the body to get used to the physical exertion again.

Is the mind the key?
G.A: The first sessions will be more difficult mentally in terms of motivation, but after regular practice, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, better sleep as well as an improvement in your physical condition. The more regular we are in our sports outings, the more we feel the benefits of sport, which is an anti-stress activity par excellence.
Women entrepreneurs often have a double hat to assume at work and at home: how can they effectively maintain their shape with a busy schedule?
G.A: It is not easy to combine family life, work and sport. But with precise organization, anything is possible! The first option is to organize a morning sports session before the children are up. Which will provide energy and relaxation for the whole day. The second is to create a space at home dedicated to training with simple equipment consisting of mats for the abdominals, dumbbells for the arms, an elastic for the glutes and if possible a ball for pilates exercises. Finally, many companies set up a session with a sports coach during the lunch break, an ideal team building activity with colleagues!
How do you analyze the boom in sports coaches and, for some, their starification?
G.A: Sports coaches are indeed very successful because they allow their clients to progress much faster than if they were training alone thanks to their tailor-made service. Their strength is psychology and their sports knowledge. Previously, the coaching market was reserved for stars and leaders of large companies … now we are witnessing a real democratization of the sector. The number of sports experts has increased tenfold in just a few years!
Today, a new competition has emerged with virtual coaches who allow – thanks to artificial intelligence software – to create a sports and food program adapted to everyone.
Coaches gain access to starification on social networks by addressing universal and topical themes such as fitness, nutrition, but also by talking about philosophy of life. With confinement, many athletes have found the perfect coach to motivate themselves in their living room.

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