6 Tips To Stand Out On Social Networks During Your Job Search

Traditional methods of finding employment, which include big events, cafes and after-work, have become unnecessary in this context of health crisis.

That’s why, if you are actively looking for a new job, you should engage in a social media marketing campaign in order to catch the eye of recruiters. Indeed, the main thing is to put forward your skills, abilities, knowledge, achievements and intelligence. You should also broadcast what you plan to do next, so people can get a taste of your medium and long term plans so they can help you. However, this help should not be a one-way street, also offer your services to help others in need! Here are 6 tips to help you stand out on social media during your job search:

1.What makes you special:
With so many people looking for jobs, you need to have a plan to differentiate yourself from your competition. Think about the unique experiences, skills, talents, education, and character traits you have. Make a list of all of your special qualities. Additionally, when you advertise your specific skills and expertise in certain areas, these may attract potential hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters, and others who can help you land a new one. employment.

2.Build a mutually beneficial network:
Don’t just randomly connect with people on social media like LinkedIn. You need to strategically connect with the people on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram who can help build a mutually beneficial network. These people should include potential managers, human resources and talent acquisition professionals in the companies you want to work with. Find top recruiters who are recognized experts in your field. Likewise, look for peers at other companies in your industry, that way the right people will get to know you, seeing your job applications, and keep you in mind when vacancies become available.
3.What to do online?
The best way to start promoting yourself is to comment, share, and post on LinkedIn. Obviously, the content should be focused on your area of ​​expertise, as you have a lot of knowledge to impart. You can start slowly by liking and responding to other people’s messages. To do this, find leaders in your field who have many followers, participate in their conversations to amplify your own voice. However, keep in mind that the questions you answer should fuel your branding.
If you want to take the next step, create videos where you can discuss topics related to your field. Besides LinkedIn, also pay attention to other social networks that are relevant to your profession. Also, set a schedule for posting consistently, because if you only post once in a while, you’ll get lost. Likewise, post regularly, so people get to know you and care about what you have to say. This will make people feel like they know you and will be happy to help you find job leads.

4.What is your footprint on social networks?
Check Google to find out what is being said or written about you. Think about how a hiring manager or human resources professional would view your social media footprint. Immediately delete questionable or inflammatory Facebook tweets and messages. Also take a fresh look at your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and other social networks to make sure they reflect who you are. Your posts should show the value you provide to a potential employer.
5.Brag a little:
Share some recent victories and achievements. Write about exciting projects you are working on. If you are an expert in your field, search for online conferences and events and share them. In addition, try to become a speaker, as this will allow you to become known to a wider audience and you will be seen as an expert and a leader in your field.

6.Authenticity matters:
Be open about your goal of finding a new job. Let people know that you are in the workforce and what you want to do next. If no one knows that you are looking for a job, no one will offer you an opportunity. It’s also good to share your feelings, the challenges and pressures you face in your job search. By expressing yourself openly, people will get to know you as a real person.

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