Jade Genin, From The Lawyer Dress To The Chocolate Turban

It’s not easy to make a name for yourself in the delicate world of chocolate and haute couture pastry. Jade Genin must, for her part, make a name for herself in this world where women are still poorly represented. At a good school, the former lawyer trains daily alongside her iconic father, Jacques Genin. His photogenic and highly addictive creations delight gourmets who echo his talent. From palace to palace, Forbes looked at a girl’s journey to follow.

When she talks to you about caramels, candies and chocolates, Jade Genin lulls you with nostalgic melodies for the time when sweets were the Grail of our lives! The bubbly millennial swapped the avocado dress for the chocolate pastry chef’s hat in order to “keep growing but stop aging,” she explains. La Parisienne is a girl of her time. Like her generation, she shares an ideal, a hymn: the daily quest for meaning. Above all, work can be understood as a tool for personal development in the service of an absolute, that of being happy now, and every day. Like her peers, every morning Jade Genin looks forward to living “her best life”.

She accomplishes what she dreams of since her childhood, creating, experimenting, adjusting, sculpting chocolate and other delicacies, under the benevolent but uncompromising eye of her father, Jacques Genin. The master chocolate maker has made his discipline an art. Today, the girl is following in the footsteps of a parent who for a long time supplied the most prestigious addresses: the Plaza Athénée, Le Crillon, La Tour d’Argent … before gaining notoriety by opening her eponymous boutique, at the heart of the Marais.

“I am incredibly fortunate to be trained by one of the icons of the profession, my Dad. It’s unique. », She confides. A father who teaches her to read notes, chords and scales, it’s up to her to find a taste melody that will be as beautiful as hers. When you talk to her about transmission ’, Jade Genin corrects you, she prefers to argue for the term initiation’. And it was from birth that everything played out: “I have always been educated in taste and gluttony. First of all with my father, but also through each of the culinary experiences that have upset me. Dinners at Alain Passard’s, the cuisine of Franco-Algerian chef Akrame Benallal, chocolate tart by Simon Horwitz, Sri Lankan mango stew, West Indian-style bananas … Gastronomy is the science of the sensitive. I devote the same worship to him as the ancient Greeks to the bodies of their Apollos! », Says this born epicurean.
Happy that like Jade Genin arrives every morning “in the house of Hansel and Grethel, the witch and the chocolates!” She continues. There was no question, however, of cutting corners, nor of claiming the glory of her father, the apprentice is working hard to make a name for herself. Jacques Genin’s beloved daughter must prove herself because “there is only one rooster in the barnyard”, exclaims her father.

“Our House must assert itself as the one-stop-shop for gourmet delicacies”

Turban on her head, Jade Genin applies herself daily to bringing her motto to life “Almost, it’s like not at all!” “. The ex-lawyer has only one guideline, thoroughness. For her, “the consistency of excellence is the greatest challenge for the gastronomic professions. Making good chocolate is one thing, making tons of it over decades is a more engaging goal. “. In its roadmap, there is also this fierce desire to perpetuate a legacy, to defend “the Jacques Genin leg”. “Our identity is natural products, without preservatives, colorings or food additives. The use of sugar reduced to a minimum, only for the chemical reactions it causes and not for its flavor enhancer property. We don’t cheat with products! », She insists. Chocolate must at all costs remain a healthy pleasure, an edible happiness that gives you a smile on the corners of your lips.

This philosophy is reflected in an ambition, that of creating “a living brand, which adapts to the seasons, to the events of city life and above all to our customers. The special feature of our house is the personalization of the product. Each customer composes his own box on site. On several occasions, we have even created products to order. I want to push this logic to its maximum: Jacques Genin tailor-made. Our house must assert itself as the one-stop-shop for gluttony. Papa’s genius is that he excels in chocolate, confectionery, pastry or ice cream. With us there is everything, and everything is good. No need to go elsewhere! », She develops. Tomorrow, she will certainly be at the forefront. To those eyeing the brand, Jade Genin warns: “Our brand is a house and a family capital. It must stay that way. In three words, Jacques Genin is the past, the present and the future. “.
Chocolate, that obscure object of desire whose shop fronts somehow resemble the jewelers’ windows illuminating Place Vendôme, continues to excite the French. Truffles, ganaches, orangettes, fruit jellies or nougats are sold in boxes presented as cases. Our compatriots are ranked sixth in the world with an annual consumption of over 7.5 kg per person … Our relationship is as passionate as it is cyclical: Christmas, Easter or “confinement”, chocolate has its peaks. At the Genins, we manage to make this food glamorous all year round.
Very skilled on social networks, Jade Genin often begins her days with a tantalizing post on the Instagram account @jacquesgenin. Sometimes, we see him in the middle of working in the family laboratory. As photogenic as the house creations, the beauty in the flowery, colorful, fashionable turban never shies away from her smile. “24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that’s just happiness! This universe does not call me but has owned me completely and has always been. », She assures.
Listening to him, you can’t help but think of this beautiful phrase from her father: “The day I feel like I’m coming to work, they’ll never see me again.” “.

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